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PETROGAZ-HAITI, S.A. (PGH) is a Haitian company incorporated in March of 2007 and is approved and licensed to operate in Haiti as an oil and chemical company. As such, PGH operates within the energy industry and distributes a variety of petroleum products, and lubricants and currently serves as the exclusive agent distributor in Haiti, Dominican Republic and the State of Florida, USA for Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Co., LTD. (NPMC) range of products.

PGH is engaged in the exploration of oil and natural gas; and will exploit and extract oil and natural gas in Haiti in conjunction with the government of Haiti. On this venture, PGH also affiliates with and entered into a Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with Caribbean Well Service Company Limited (CWS), a company registered and operated in Trinidad & Tobago to operate the oil and natural gas projects in Haiti along with other projects in accordance with their mutual partnership agreement. And based on the data obtained, the possibility of existence of oil and natural gas in Haiti is very promising.

Infrastructure is essential to sustain an appropriately safe method to transport the related petroleum products and, therefore, PGH increased its efforts by entering into a Joint Venture (JV) with severalinternational companies to properly carry out its operations.

PGH has partnered with Geominex Resources Limited, a company registered and operating in Trinidad and Tobago, which specializes in geological, mining and exploitation of energy and minerals (metallic and non-metallic) resources, to develop a mammoth quarry for the production of aggregates and other construction, concrete and roadstone related materials to meet the expected demand for the materials during the construction phase of the port. These are the chief initiatives that govern the present operation of PGH and guide it towards a bright and illustrious future. Geominex Resources will also be assisting PGH in its development of Crude oil once refined to make “white” products such as liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas), gasoline, kerosene, and diesel and residual fuel oil.

Today, Haiti is the “new kid on the block” with exciting opportunities in the petroleum industry.   The Haitian authorities granted Six (6) Oil & Natural Gas Exploration Permits to Petrogaz-Haiti for a total of 3,000 square kilometers comprising 6 blocks of  500 Square Kilometers per block.   The granting of these permits conferred upon Petrogaz an exclusive exploration rights both onshore and offshore within the selected areas.

PGH incorporates social responsibility and as such, made arrangements to engage in a sustainable environmental re-afforestation project within the oil exploration acreage onshore; to plant in the first instance, one million indigenous trees within a three year period.

PGH is in the process of concluding agreements that will promote mutual benefits to a number regional and international petrochemical companies both on the upstream and downstream sectors.





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