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Ultra motor oil HD- Product Description

The NP Motor Oil HD range of oils are single grade premium quality lubricants which meet the requirements of the API Service Category SL.

NP Motor Oil HD exceeds the performance requirements for API Service Categories SH, SG and SJ in fuel economy, oil consumption/emissions system protection, oxidation control and high temperature piston deposits.

NP Motor Oil HD range of lubricants are manufactured in SAE 30, 40, 50 grades, and formulated by using a balanced additive package and high viscosity-index base oils which provide for enhanced:


The NP Motor Oil HD range of lubricants meet or exceed the test requirements of:


The use of NP Motor Oil HD SAE 30, 40, 50 grades would result in:

Protect and extend the life of engine bearings Lower piston-zone deposits and the need to de-carbonize head
Reduce valve train wear and tappet knocking Prevent Ring-sticking, reduce engine wear and blow-by
Protect against engine deposits and metal corrosion Reduce oil consumption
Maintain the oil viscosity longer Protection against bore polish
Protect and extended the life of your catalytic converter  





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